E18M Electrocardiograph/ E12 Electrocardiograph

Color HD Display screen

The 10.1-inch full-fit color touch screen with a resolution of up to 1280*800 provides users with good visual effects, richer display content, clearer waveforms, and more reliable results.


Key touch combination operation

The button + touch combination operation realizes fast, intuitive and concise operation, and truly allows users to experience the "what you want is what you get" experience. The soft silicone buttons are used to experience a comfortable touch.


Powerful data management

Built-in large-capacity memory, can store at least 4000 medical records, export a variety of electronic file formats, and the operation interface is convenient and quick.


Free configuration of inspection mode

It supports multiple lead preset modes, and supports custom combination modes, which can be adapted to various usage scenarios such as routine examinations, physical examinations, and medical research.


Rich report function

It supports manual, automatic, rhythm and other printing modes, and is equipped with a flexible report format setting function, which can realize the print output of dozens of different report formats.


Handle design

The optimized handle design is more ergonomic.


External equipment

Support external USB keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner, printer, ID card reader, etc.



High precision measurement

With 24-bit sampling accuracy and 32kHz sampling frequency, more accurate waveforms and more reliable analysis results can be obtained.