CONTEC MEDICAL SYSTEMS CO,.LTD Production Base Expansion Project

The expansion of the production base will begin in February 2021. The goal of the project is to promote industrial optimization and increase regional employment rate.

Several senior leaders, including CEO Mr. Hu Kun, GM Mr. Yang Zhishan, and CFO Ms. Zheng Min attended the groundbreaking ceremony at the scene. The heads and managers of all departments attended the event to witness this exciting moment. Construction companies, suppliers, various distribution companies and merchants also sent personnel to congratulate the beginning of the project, and took a group photo to seize the beautiful moment.

The total construction project covers an area of 38,318.82 square meters, with fifteen floors above ground and one underground floor. The total investment is estimated to be 219.2725 million Yuan.


After the completion of the project, a modern product-oriented building with high-end products, information-based management and green technology will rise from the ground.