CONTEC07A Electronic Sphygmomanometer

CONTEC07A Electronic Sphygmomanometer



The device adopts high-definition color LCD, concise and elegant in interface, which is applicable for use by adult (arm circumference: 17 cm ~ 42 cm) for NIBP measurement in hospitals and medical institutions, no need to manually wrap the cuff, user can finish measurement by himself. The measurement results can be printed.


1)Be applicable for use by adult for NIBP measurement.

2)One-button operation, wrap the cuff automatically to finish measurement.

3)High-definition color LCD, big font display, simple and understandable in display contents.

4)Measurement results can be printed, convenient for user to record.

5)Be applicable for use by person whose arm circumference is in range of 17 cm ~ 42 cm.

6)Optional two units: mmHg and kPa

7)USB interface and network interface.