CO2-M02 ETCO2 Module

Portable and Modular design

Elegant in appearance, clear in labeling and easy to operate.

Modular design, small and lightweight. Work with monitor to continuously measure CO2 concentration in gas and calculate End-tidal CO2 (ETCO2), Inspired Minimum CO2 (InsCO2) and Airway Respiration Rate (AwRR)

Optional measurement units

Multiple measurement units to choose: mmHg, kPa and %.

High spec measurement range

CO2 measurement range: 0 to 150 mmHg

CO2 measurement accuracy:

    1. 0~40 mmHg: ±2mmHg
    2. 41~70 mmHg: ±5% of reading
    3. 71~100 mmHg: ±8% of reading
    4. 101~150 mmHg: ±10% of reading

Respiratory monitoring range:

    1. CO2-M02:2rpm~150rpm
    2. accuracy: ±1rpm