SP950 Syringe Pump

Portable design

Appropriate size-weight design and physical handle, convenient to carry and use in a various of emergency scenes such as patient transport, emergency, surgery and monitoring.

Friendly product experience

Physical button with friendly software system, easy to study and operate.

Multiple audio-visual prompt experience

2.8" LCD screen with audible, visible and text prompt function to improve the product reliability, and ensure the safety of patients.

Safety and reliable injection experience

Multiple safe injection modes with self-setting injection data, not only ensure injection safety, but also meeting the needs of different patients

Automatic switching of power supply

Built-in rechargeable battery, which can automatically switch to battery-powered when power is interrupt and automatically charge once power-on, to ensure that the injection is not interrupted

Compatible with a variety of syringes

The disposable syringe met national standards can be used, and the accuracy can be ensured by adjusting parameters.

High-level security protection

The system parameter and syringe type settings are protected by the password, prevents changes.